Vigalantee - My Testimony

One of GTM's first forays into music videos, which was done with multiple visuals from internet sources. All footage featuring Vigalantee was filmed by us. All editing work was done by GTM

Slick Negro Mack: The Story So Far...

Collaborative project with TRUTH Apparel, meant to both parody and pay homage to the Blaxploitation genre. Aside from 4 episodes, it's all filmed by GTM, and all video editing work is done by GTM.

True Detective: Miami Lights

Class project of a Fanmade intro to HBO's True Detective Series made from scratch using different scenes from movies, videogames, and documentaries. Song: Nine Inch Nails - The Background World

Vigalantee - Corona

This was one of GTM's most successful projects, based on the song "Corona" by Vigalantee. Done as a class project, in which we utilized multiple news articles, news stories, infographics, photos, and more to create a hectic lyric video that perfectly matches the lyrics and keeps the viewer's attention through rapid movement.

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